Chicago-born, New York based, Drazy Hoops is an independent singer/musician/songwriter who has released 8 full-length albums, from 1998’s Straight To Black (Shimmydisc/Knitting Factory Records) to this year’s This Is The Sound Of… (Slow Burn Records). A compilation of Drazy’s songs called A World Away (First Flight Records) was released in Australia and New Zealand, and Drazy’s music has appeared in various movies and compilations through the years, most notably Hal Hartley’s “The Book Of Life” (starring PJ Harvey) and Next Stop Wonderland. Prior to hooking up with producer Kramer for Straight To Black, Drazy fronted the Boston based band Atomic Cafe. The name Drazy Hoops comes from the late, great Captain Beefheart song “The Blimp (mousetrapreplica)” off of the seminal Trout Mask Replica album.

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"This Is The Sound Of ..." was Produced by Gary Maurer & Drazy Hoops and features....

Drazy Hoops (vocals, guitars, keys)
Sean Eden (guitars)
Mark Brotter (drums)
Jason Mercer (bass)
Bob Hoffner (pedal steel)
Brooke Behmke (vocals/vocal arrangements)
Sally Ellyson (vocals on Whip It)
Lauren Balthrup (vocals on Golden Hours)
Dawn Landes (vocals on Baby You Gave Me More)
Josh Kaufman (keys)
Karen Waltuch (viola)
Gary Maurer (guitar, keys, percussion)


Drazy has also worked with these fine musicians and artists through the years ...

Julie Anderson
Kim Clarke
Brian Geltner
Curtis Hasselbring
Jeff Hill

Ron Lawrence
Okkyung Lee
David Licht
Mat Maneri
Jamie Saft
Jane Scarpantoni
James Urbaniak

To name a few..